A pictorial guide to walks  in the beautiful Irish county of Wicklow
And a pleasant chat along the way

Wicklow Way 9 The Ow Bridge over Carrickashane to the Military Road

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This section of the Wicklow Way (9)  was done in one stage but it could be done in stages if wished. Again like the previous walk the return was  along the road (which was mostly downhill). The decision to start in the reverse order ( starting from the bridge over the Ow river) was based upon this fact of the easier downhill return. There is a good car-park at the bridge.

This is a strenuous walk of about 3 hours. First climbing from the Ow bridge to the ridge ascending 300 metres then descending 100 metres approximately to the Military Road and finally ascending 50 metres to link up to the previous walk. The return is along surfaced roads descending 200 metres back to the bridge. Unfortunately I have lost the high definition of Google Earth and therefore the values are approximate.

The Bridge over the Ow
The Bridge over the Ow
with plenty of room to park
gravel lane gravel lane

Climbing towards the summit along a steep gravel lane

road forest road

Along a country road and then into the forest

forest road forest road
mountain view
mountain view
Summit views

forest road forest road
forest road

Descending to the Military Road

military road
Along  and beside the Military Road to the finish of the previous walk (top and bottom photos)
trail trail
forest trail

And finally into the forest again through a sea of mud to complete the link.

 The Storyline of the Bible 17/30
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the first king
of the United Kingdom
of Israel

The development of a loose federation of 12 tribes into a united kingdom was prompted by this desire voiced by the Israelites
"We want a king over us. Then we shall be like all the other nations, with a king to lead us and to go out before us and fight our battles." (1 Samuel chapter 8 verses 19 and 20) After warning about the oppressive nature of kings, God instructed Samuel (the last of the Judges) to appoint a king for them. Lots are cast and Saul is appointed king. He starts well and becomes the hoped for champion of the people but finishes badly. His story is told in the beginning of 1st Samuel and 1st Chronicles
As can be seen from the desire of the Israelites a function of a king was to be a champion of his people and thus the kings of Israel illustrates the work of the coming CHAMPION  KING.

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