A pictorial guide to walks  in the beautiful Irish county of Wicklow
And a pleasant chat along the way

Wicklow Way 8 Brumgoff Bridge over Clonnemagh and Drumguff woods to the Military Road

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This part of the walk can be done in two stages.
First starting off from Brumgoff Bridge 
going half way and then completing the walk
from the other direction from the Military road. 
Unfortunately there is little to indicate the half way point. An attractive alternative is to walk the full distance to the Military road and continue on it back to the Brumgoff Bridge – downhill all the way.

Taken together the two walks are very strenuous with a duration of 3 to 4 hours. From the bridge to the ridge there is a climb of 380 metres then a decent of 62 metres to reach the Military Road. A further decent of 320 metres along the road to arrive back again at the bridge.

half way sign

A welcome sign for many tired and weary feet - or maybe not.

Mountain forest road rising towards the summit of Carrawaystick Mountain

Mountain forest road rising towards the summit of Carrawaystick Mountain

Woods of Clohernagh and Drumgoff Woods of Clohernagh and Drumgoff

Woods of Clohernagh and Drumgoff

Woods of Clohernagh and Drumgoff
Trail On Slieve Maan Mountain

Trail on Slieve Maan Mountain

Trail On Slieve Maan Mountain On Slieve Maan Mountain
Trail On Slieve Maan Mountain
Quartz outcrop On Slieve Maan Mountain Quartz uotcrop On Slieve Maan Mountain
No – It's not snow in August but an outcrop of quartz.

Forest road On Slieve Maan Mountain

"How far is the road”? I anxiously asked the first adult member of a family group that had previously passed me on the trail and now I met again returning (spread out like a defeated army) in the opposite direction. I had originally set out to walk half way between the two entry points of the trail into the forest and then tackle the other half of the trail from the other direction. But on route I had changed my plans and decided to walk the complete route and then return to my car via the road. With tired feet, although now walking downhill, I was getting concerned about the wisdom of this decision.
In true Irish fashion the wife replied with a question “Is there a road”?

We met a bend in the trail and my husband decided that the map he had was unreliable and so we are returning” she added. Taking out my map I pointed to the road and she quickly pointed to a bend indicated on the map and exclaimed “There is the bend and the road is so close”. By now the discredited husband had arrived and his wife quickly conveyed to him her new information. I discerned that his creditability as a guide had long gone from his family's eyes and his faithful wife was now holding back the furry of his children over his decision for a family walk. This opinion was confirmed to me by his decision to pool each family member about which direction now to go, and the need of the wife to coax an answer from some of them. A consensus being arrived at, the family did a u-turn and quickly vanished from my sight on the road which indeed proved to be very close.

Forest road On Slieve Maan Mountain

Downhill to the Military Road

 The Storyline of the Bible 15/30
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The Conquest 
of the Land of Canaan

book of Joshua

The conquest of Canaan was undertaken under the leadership of Joshua the successor to Moses. The rightness or wrongness of this action is dependant upon whether the Israelites were commanded by God or not. The position of the Bible is that they were and the former inhabitants were evicted because of their sin. This difficult subject can only be appreciated in the context of the World-view mentioned in Genesis chapter one, where God is seen as the only rightful owner and ruler of this World. The view of God presented in the Bible is that God is not only loving but also righteous and does hold men and women accountable for their sins (as these events demonstrate).

This fulfilment of the promise to Abraham by God (that his descendants would be given the land of Canaan) is a symbolic return to the Garden of Eden.

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