A pictorial guide to walks  in the beautiful Irish county of Wicklow
And a pleasant chat along the way

Wicklow Way 7b Glendalough to Glenmalur

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The route can be done in two stages
first from Glendalough lower car park
to the ridge at Mullacor. 
The walk could be shortened by paying a fee
and using the upper car park. 
The second stage is from the entrance
to Glenmalur Woods
on the Military Road to the ridge at Mullacor.
Again the route could be shortened
by using the car park along the Avonbeg river,
but it would then take two climbs to complete the route.

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The Glenmalur Woods entrance on the Military Road to Laragh  to the ridge at Mullacor

This is a strenuous walk of 3 hours and a climb of 365 metres to reach the ridge and the return point of the previous walk.

Glenmalur Woods
There is room to park for a number of cars outside of the barrier
Glenmalur Woods Glenmalur Woods
Glenmalur Woods
A steady climb to the ridge
Glenmalur Woods
Mist hiding  Log na Coille
Glenmalur Woods
Glenmalur Woods Glenmalur Woods, rock formation
Glenmalur Woods
Climbing into the mist and rain
Glenmalur Woods Glenmalur Woods
Glenmalur Woods Glenmalur Woods
Glenmalur Woods
Looking down the tree covered stone steps (that form almost the final stage to the ridge) into rain and mist
Glenmalur Woods
Along the Road at Glenmalur
Coolatingo Bridge
Coolatingo Bridge at entrance to Glenmalur Woods
Military Road, Glenmalur
Along the Military Road
Avonbeg River
View of the Avonbeg River from the Drumgoff Bridge
Old British Military Barracks
The old British Military Barracks
 The Storyline of the Bible 14/30
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The Tabernacle and Animal Sacrifices
Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

God had re-established his Kingdom in the Nation of Israel and re-established his gracious presence with his people ( as it had been with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden ). Because this had been done in anticipation of the coming CHAMPION  KING (who is going to deal with humanity sin problem) the institutions were temporary and incomplete. 
God's gracious presence was symbolised in the inner portion of a large tent called the Tabernacle where ( only ) the representative of the Nation of Israel (the High Priest) entered once a year and met with God. This Tabernacle ceremony and others were conducted with animal sacrifices, to indicate that sin had to be dealt with before complete an true fellowship with God could be obtained.

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