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Wicklow Way 6 From the Military Road (to Sally Gap) to Glendalough over Brockagh Mountain

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This section of the walk can be done in one stage.

It would  be more fitting to start on the Military Road and finish in Glendalough.

The route is a strenuous walk of 2 ½ hours duration climbing 75 metres and then descending 130 metres into Glendalough vale. (A total climb of over 200 metres when the return walk is included.)

The Military Road railway sleepers used as pathway
                     Car park on the Military Road                               A pathway of rail sleepers  leads down to the river
Glenmacnass River
Glenmacnass River in full strength after heavy rains
Brockagh Mountain
Brockagh Mountain Brockagh Mountain
The trail crossed the river by a foot-bridge  and then ran alongside the river  for a short distance before climbing again
Brockagh Mountain
Brockagh Mountain Brockagh Mountain

The trail climbing to the ridge of Brockagh Mountain (not the summit)

Brockagh Mountain
Looking down through mist and rain into Glendalough
Brockagh Mountain Brockagh Mountain
Going down into Glendalough
Brockagh Mountain
Brockagh Mountain Brockagh Mountain
Brockagh Mountain
Brockagh Mountain
Brockagh Mountain glendalough

On reaching the bottom of the valley the route lead along the road and into the Glendalough Park's car-park.

The end in view as well as the back of a German's head
 The Storyline of the Bible 12/30
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Moses - The Book of Exodus
The family of Jacob (or as he was renamed by God -Israel) grew into a nation. Their host nation Egypt became fearful of them and began to severely persecute them. It seemed that God was inactive, then suddenly (around 3500 years ago ) God intervened. An 80 year old man Moses was summoned by God. By miraculous wonders and dreadful judgements Moses led that people out from bondage in Egypt.

The Book of Exodus records these events as well as the birth and the life of Moses in chapter 2. He was born at a time when the policy of the Pharaoh was to reduce the number of the Israelites by killing all newborn males. His parents placed him in a basket on the river Nile. The daughter of Pharaoh finding the basket and having compassion on the child raised him as her own son. In his 40th year his royal life suddenly changed. He identified with his own people and after killing an Egyptian, he had to flee into the desert, where he became a nomad and a shepherd. In this way God was preparing him for the leadership role to Israel which he exercised for the next 40 years. Was he that CHAMPION KING promised in the book of Genesis? Although he bore many similarities he was not that person. Moses prophesied about the coming CHAMPION  KING and said The LORD your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your own brothers. You must listen to him.” Deuteronomy chapter 18 verse 15. 

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