A pictorial guide to walks  in the beautiful Irish county of Wicklow
And a pleasant chat along the way

Wicklow Way 10 From the the Ow Bridge over Ballycurragh and Sheilstown woods to Moyne Road

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The walk from the Ow river to the Moyne road through the Ballycurragh and Sheilstown woods
can be done in one stage. 
The return is the same route as the start. 
There is a car-park at the Ow bridge 
and there is space to park at the Moyne road if you wish to do the walk in two stages.

This is a strenuous walk of about 3 hours ( more if you like me loose your way – the signs are not idiot proof.) The ascent from Ow bridge to the ridge is 160 metres and the descent to Moyne Road is 100 metres with various ups and downs. Unfortunately I have lost the high definition of Google Earth and therefore the values are approximate.

river Ow
The start of the walk   the bridge on the Ow River
rural lane rural road
Up from the bridge and along a rural road beside farmsteads
forest road forest road
Leaving the road and into  woods

forest road
rural road road
Back along  another road for a short distance and then into Ballycurragh Woods
Ballycurragh Woods Ballycurragh Woods
Climbing to the summit of the ridge in Ballycurragh Woods
Ballycurragh Woods
Ballycurragh Woods Ballycurragh Woods

At the summit of the trail rain and mist.

Sheilstown woods
Decending into Sheilstown and the Moyne road
Sheilstown woods Sheilstown woods

This would never happen to me !

In the previous walk, a fellow walker mentioned that he had got lost on the first section of the Wicklow Way. This would never happen to me I inwardly thought as I outwardly sympathized with him and commented on the lack of signs on that part of the walk.

Well (as Proverbs says “Pride comes before a Fall”) I got lost on the return journey in these woods. I missed the sign which I had previously clearly seen and climbed higher on the mountain. In my uncertainty that I was coming down on the right side (because of the mist) and my haste I strained my ankle.

Sheilstown woods
Sheilstown woods Sheilstown woods
The end in sight
 The Storyline of the Bible 19/30
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The Divided Kingdoms of Judah and Israel.

After the death of Solomon (around 930 BC) 10 tribes succeeded from the House of David and appointing Jeroboam their king forming the Kingdom of Israel. For the next 200 years various dynasties ruled this kingdom, each coming to power with the slaughter of the previous house. The last capital (Samaria) was destroyed by the Assyrians in 720 BC. The wealthy and educated  were exiled and foreign settlers took their place. 

The combination of the  natives and the settlers with the combination of their religions produced the people mentioned in the New Testament as the Samaritans. 
The tribe of Judah and half the tribe Benjamin remained loyal to Rehoboam the son of Solomon and his reduced kingdom was known as the Kingdom of Judah. Judah survived with a succession of good and evil kings of the dynasty of David until the conquest of the Babylonians under the leadership of Nebuchadnezzar in 586 AD 
Both kingdoms were on a downward spiral of rebellion against God with the worship of Baal and other gods. Although there was reformation at times each new departure from the covenant was worse then the previous until both kingdoms in turn were destroyed by God. 
This period of History is recorded in the books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles.

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