A pictorial guide to walks  in the beautiful Irish county of Wicklow
And a pleasant chat along the way

Saint Kevin's Way 6 From Granamore Bridge to Hollywood

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map of saint kevins way

For this last section of the Way, I found a place to park the car just before the route turns off into the rural lane. I then walked back to the Granamore Bridge, completed the walk and returned to my car along the Hollywood – Wicklow Gap Road.

granamore bridge
douglas river

The Granamore Bridge over the Douglas River

rural lane at Granamore bridge
The Rural lane up to the Hollywood - Wicklow Gap road.
hollywood - wicklow gap road

The start of the climb on the Hollywood road towards the ridge at Slievecorragh.

view of mountain
The route ahead a right turn onto a rural lane that winds around the mountain.
hollywood - wicklow gap road
hollywood - wicklow gap road

But first the hill has to be negotiated before the easier route. Finally the lane.

rural lane

The rural line round the mountain.

view of mountain

The unnamed mountain (or hill?)

rural lane
Descending to lower ground the route follows the the right side of a T junction and leaves this new lane at a sharp left turn continuing straight into farmland.

The route goes through a gap between two hills and arrives at Hollywood.

view of hollywood

We live in a world that is shaped by the past.

Not just the physical word but also the world of people.
And the world of ideas.
In other words we inherit more then our genes from our ancestors. To understand our present we must understand our past
Up unto the 17th Century the prevalent idea about the world was that God had created it and was in control of it. Then a world-view called Modernism took over the lead position. It's premise was Naturalism or Materialism that is there was nothing but the material universe and there was nothing above the natural. Everything can be explained by the natural laws obtained by observation and experiment.

In the past 100 years there has been an accelerating change towards a Post- modernist position which renounces the arrogant positions of the past and maintains that truth is un-knowable. The definition of tolerance has changed from accepting people with different views from yourself to accepting all views as equal.

For a audio Christian evaluation on the current world-view click here
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