A pictorial guide to walks  in the beautiful Irish county of Wicklow
And a pleasant chat along the way

Saint Kevin's Way 3 Wicklow Gap down to Ballinagee Bridge

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My preference is to have the return downhill, so I parked close to the Ballinagee Bridge and walked the route in the reverse direction to the order of the photographs and returned via the road.

If starting from Ballinagee there is a strenuous climb of 200 metres to reach the Wicklow Gap with ups and downs along the way. The return is along the road (a much easier journey). Toatal time around 2 and a half hours.

st kevins way

The route starts off for a short while along the road then drops down to a track running parallel with the road

st kevins way
st kevins way st kevins way

The route then turns away from the road and enters the forest.

st kevins way
st kevins way st kevins way

After the forest the route is through bog with water a 1/8 inch higher then the top of my boot.
(The first walk was the only walk with dry feet).

st kevins way st kevins way

After meeting again the road, the route runs alongside the road, before crossing it and entering the forest, to emerge close to the bridge and the end of the walk.

st kevins way
st kevins way

The Ballinagee River

st kevins way st kevins way

The Ballinagee Bridge and the end of the walk

The Saint Kevin's Way divides here into  two destinations - Valleymount (spur) and Hollywood.



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