A pictorial guide to walks  in the beautiful Irish county of Wicklow
And a pleasant chat along the way

Saint Kevin's Way 2 From the Disused Lead Works to the Wicklow Gap

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This is a strenuous walk of a littlle over 2 hours and a climb of 240 metres. The return is along the road.

Wicklow Gap road wicklow gap

Starting off from the footbridge near the disused lead works for a short distance the route is along the Wicklow Gap – Laragh road. There is enough room to park at the footbridge.

Quickly the route follows rougher terrain for the rest of the way up to the Wicklow Gap.

wicklow gap
wicklow gap
wicklow gap wicklow gap
wicklow gap
wicklow gap

Cross over the ESB road that leads to the Hydro Storage Scheme.

It maybe worthwhile to go down a view the lake.

wicklow gap

The Wicklow Gap the end of the walk. Beautiful scenery can be observed but the weather is too bad for photographs to do the scenery justice. The end of the second walk.


The citizens of a small ancient Greek city state were extremely worried. Their lands had been invaded by a neighbouring state. Victory of this invading army would mean for them shame, poverty and servitude, if not even death.

Their king with his small army had hastily departed to meet this great treat. News from the major battle which had recently took place, was eagerly awaited by all.
Suddenly excitement grew across the gathered crowd. A runner was seen coming from the direction of the battle. Would this massager bring bad news with advice to fortify or surrender the city? Or maybe he would bring advice to flee to a neighbouring state. With the last reserves of energy, he staggers on bloodied and bruised feet up to the city walls and in super human strength utters the cry, heard by all “Yoo-ang-ghel-ee-on”.
While his family tended to the needs of this young man the city got back to everyday life. His cry translated into English is “Good News” which is the same word “Gospel” in the New Testament.

The Gospel is not good advice how to work and earn salvation but God's Good News about the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and the victory he has obtained for his people at his own expence. Good News about reconciliation between God and sinful people. Good News about the forgiveness of sins. Good News about a new life now and a life to come. But it is only Good News to those who avail of his salvation by trust and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savour.

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