A pictorial guide to walks  in the beautiful Irish county of Wicklow
And a pleasant chat along the way

Saint Kevin's Way 1 Glendalough to disused Lead Works

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map of route

This is a strenuous walk of about 2 hours duration and a climb of 95 metres with little descent along the way. The return is along the same route.

road to upper lake Glendalough

The route starts off from Glendalough Monastic Settlement along the road to the upper lake


Take the first and only turn to the right

lane alongside Glendasan River

You will find yourself on a lane running parallel with the Glendasan River

lane leading towards the Wicklow Gap

The lane will take you towards the Wicklow Gap and old lead mine workings

steps and walkway towards Wicklow Gap

Further up the glen the route gets more strenuous but steps and walkways are provided.

steps and walkway towards Wicklow Gap
River Glendasan
steps and walkway towards Wicklow Gap steps and walkway towards Wicklow Gap
dis-used lead works

The dis-used lead works. There is a bridge across the river to the Laragh - Wicklow Gap road and a car park. I would advice to continue a little further along the route to a footbridge (with enough room to park a car for the next walk) before returning to Glendalough by the same route.

ruin of church

Ruins of a church next to the footbridge possibly dating from the mining perod

footbridge over the Glendasan River

The return point and start point of the next walk

Assumed or Real?

In the beautiful surroundings of these mountains it may be a good time to ask the question “Is this World designed or does it only give the appearance of being so”?  For thousands of years the answer would have been a straight forward yes for the vast majority of people.

But within the period of a couple of hundred years, a body of people have grown who would answer that question in the negative. Their position is based not upon any scientific discovery but upon the twin philosophies of Naturalism and Materialism. The assumption of these philosophies is that there is no supernatural and matter is all that makes up the Universe.

But if they are right why do we appreciate such beauty around us?

Would it not be more logical to believe that a Creator has created all the beauty around us and has created us with the ability to enjoy it?

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