A pictorial guide to walks  in the beautiful Irish county of Wicklow
And a pleasant chat along the way



"Exercise is better then any medication for type 2 diabetes” the nurse exclaimed,

to the small group of us who had applied to join Saint Columcilles' diabetic clinic.
And so I am destined to roam the hills of Wicklow, five days a week
until medical opinion changes or the pharmacy companies come up with a better drug.

I did try exercise in a gym once, but that was so boring
that I gave it up as soon as my subscription ran out. 
Actually walking is very enjoyable, especially in beautiful surroundings
such as the countryside of Ireland. Hopefully some will find new information
and discover walks that they never knew existed before, while others may
just enjoy the photos and the chat, and still others by this website may be encouraged to take up walking.

The health benefit of walking only takes effect when it becomes a “lifestyle”
rather then an occasional toil. A pleasure rather then an endurance.
Along with the health benefits, walking is a great social activator 
and encourages conversation even among strangers that are met along the way.
I hope to reflect this chat in this website.

For my part I hope to be motivated to continue in this “healthy lifestyle”
and obtain practical experience in the design and construction of a website.
And finally as a practising Christian I hope to share my faith in a non intrusive way. 
With all this in mind I offer up this my attempt at a website to the Internet browsing Public.

For feedback I can be reached 

 at wicklowwalks@gmail.com


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