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A moderate walk (one way) of about 6 Km taking under two hours.

Brady's Pub

The front of Brady's Pub and the start of the walk at Shankill

shankill shankill
The walk quickly takes us through the urban lanes and roads of Shankill across the motorway (via a footbridge) and into a more tranquil scene of a  rural setting.
shankill shankill
The route takes us along Lordello Road, Rathmichael Dales and Ferndale Road

The medieval cross is related to the ruins of Rathmichael Church located further up the hill.
Rathmichael Wood Rathmichael Wood

After travelling along a lane-way ( that once was the route for a water main for a reservoir further up the hill ) you enter the Rathmichael Wood a recently created nature park.
Rathmichael Wood Rathmichael Wood
Rathmichael Wood
Carrikgollan Woods. Carrikgollan Woods.
On leaving Rathmichael Wood and travelling a short journey along Puck's Castle lane the route takes us into Carrikgollan Woods.
Carrikgollan Woods.
The chimney is about 80 ft high and dates from the early 1800. It was used to ventilate the Ballycorus Lead Mines about a mile away via a flue (passageway) built above ground, parts of which can be seen today. See the Wikepedia article
Barnaslingan Woods Barnaslingan Woods
And finally the route takes us into the Barnaslingan Woods before emerging into the Enniskerry Road and the Scalp.

Note: After I have walked and photographed the route it has been slightly changed in these woods.

The Enniscorthy Road on the Scalp
The Enniscorthy Road on the Scalp
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