A pictorial guide to walks  in the beautiful Irish county of Wicklow
And a pleasant chat along the way

Ballinastoe Woods

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There are two car parks for Ballinastoe Woods. The upper one is located off the R759 to Sally Gap. Look out for signs for the Wicklow Way. The other car park is located off the Roundwood – Enniskerry road.

Ballinastoe Woods are dedicated to mountain bike riding and there are many side tracks for that purpose. I would advice  sticking to the forest roads or the Wicklow Way to avoid injury from bikes.

Both walks require a great amount of uphill walking.

Walk One

I would suggest to use the lower car park when walking in the woods except if you wish to travel along the Wicklow Way (second walk). This will allow a downhill return to your car.

This is a strenuous walk of 1 ½ hour and a climb of 160 metres.

Ballinastoe Woods
Ballinastoe Woods Ballinastoe Woods

For a number of years I rode a bike to work a return trip of about 18 miles, and I might add got extremely fit. There was a number of us who engaged in this activity including the head of the section and an another member of the staff who was both a workmate and a friend. Around the firm's premises were a number of terraced cottages. In one of these cottages lived a notorious teenager, who's reputation covered everything from house breaking to vandalism. In the street my friend passed this youth carrying two bicycle wheels and the comradeship of a fellow cyclist took over his thinking. Here is Martin he thought to himself, everyone believes him an utter and complete rough, yet he obviously has a good interest in cycling that few people know about. His high opinions of Martin evaporated as my friend turned the corner and observed a bicycle frame minus two wheels chained to the lamppost.

Ballinastoe Woods

Views of Calgary and Roundwood will be the reward for those doing this strenuous walk

Warning not all roads go to the same place.

When you have climb and are about to return down again to the car park.

Take the first turn down as shown in green. The second turn shown in yellow will take you to another part of the forest and will necessitate a climb again to get back to the car park.

With far greater urgency  Jesus warned 
of two roads to two destinations.
Matthew chapter 7 verses 13 and 14

"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.
But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Walk Two  The Wicklow Way

For spectacular views the second walk along the route of the Wicklow Way is far superior to the first walk in Ballinastoe Woods. The route from the upper car-park quickly leaves the woods behind as you enter the upland moor of gorse and heather and views that follow.


This is a strenuous walk of 1 ½ hour and a climb of 160 metres.

wicklow way
Lord, you have been our dwelling-place throughout all generations.
Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the earth and the world,
 from everlasting to everlasting you are God.

Psalm 90 verses 1 and 2
wicklow way
Looking down into Lough Tay
wicklow way wicklow way

Note the rail sleepers that provide steps and a path for most of this walk.

wicklow way

The route branched, one path went to the summit of Djouce and the other path around the side of the mountain. (photo)

Ballinastoe Woods wicklow way

A most refreshing drink was provided from this small brook.

I heard the voice of Jesus say, “Behold, I freely give
The living water; thirsty one, stoop down, and drink, and live.”
I came to Jesus, and I drank of that life giving stream;
My thirst was quenched, my soul revived, and now I live in Him.
Ballinastoe Woods wicklow way

The Wicklow Way leads on down to the Crone Woods but the brook (above this location) was the return point (for me) back to the car park.


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