A pictorial guide to walks  in the beautiful Irish county of Wicklow
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Around Lough Dan

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This walk is a combination of three walks listed below.

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The Wicklow Way 4b

Down to Lough Dan from the Sally Gap Road

Along Lough Dan from the Old Bridge

The route is a strenuous walk of about 5 hours and includes the wading the river Inchavore.


Along the Wicklow Way from the Old Bridge to the Sally Gap Road

road from lough dan to roundwood

The walk stars along a public road up from the Old Bridge ( Lough Dan ) towards Roundwood.
There is room to park beside the bridge.
By travelling in this direction we will avoid a steep climb in the Guinness Estate and have the shortest distance back to the start when crossing the River Inchavore (in case we get wet).

road from lough dan to roundwood road from lough dan to roundwood
Along the Wicklow Way Along the Wicklow Way

The route takes the first turn to the left along a private road and then right along a pathway.

Along the Wicklow Way Along the Wicklow Way

We have to cross farmland before entering the forest path.

Along the Wicklow Way

A Short-Cut

The forest path leads to a gravel road with a sign pointing left as the route of the Wicklow Way. If we go in that direction there is a spectacular view of Lough Dan but then a hard climb afterwards - but if we turn right and take the first left at the crossroads we avoid the hard climb and shortly meet again the Wicklow Way.

Along the Wicklow Way

Looking down to Roundwood Reservoir.

Along the Wicklow Way

The route leaves the forest ( not shown ) and turns left up the Sally Gap Road.


From the Sally Gap Road to Lough Dan through the Guinness Estate

the guinness estate

The Guinness Estate
We leave the Wicklow Way by entering the estate by the small gate on the left. 


The roadways are well maintained and well signed for Lough Dan.

the guinness estate

the guinness estate the guinness estate

the guinness estate the guinness estate
the guinness estate
the guinness estate
along lough dan along lough dan

When we get to Lough Dan we have to turn right and travel along the shoreline of one leg of the Lough.
The path is in places is hard to follow and we must make our way through gorse bushes.
This is the most difficult and most isolated part of the route.

along lough dan
along lough dan along lough dan
Coming to the end of the Lough we continue up the glen  until the river ford.


Wadding the Inchavore River
across the vale and up to the ridge
and along Lough Dan back to the Old Bridge

along lough dan river ford along lough dan river ford

The ford can be difficult to find. Look for the gravel on the river bed. The ford is in- line with a mine spoil on the far side of the vale. 
On flood water the water came up to my thigh.

along lough dan

On the far side of the vale there is a gravel road that will lead back towards Lough Dan and climb towards the ridge.

along lough dan
The gravel road will continue along one leg of Lough Dan revealing the previous route travelled to the river crossing.
along lough dan along lough dan

Look out for this wooden fence and swing gate that leads to a small path with majestic view of the second leg of Lough Dan

along lough dan
along lough dan

The path will lead on to the public road back to the Old Bridge

along lough dan

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